Johnny Jet Website Review & Ratings + Johnny Jet Coupons
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Johnny Jet Website Review & Ratings + Johnny Jet Coupons

Johnny Jet: Products & Services is a travel site started by its namesake "Johnny Jet." Johnny attended school in california and then began a small travel blog where he offered general travel and safety advice based on his personal travels. The goal of the company is to offer comprehensive travel advice as well as using information from potential traveler information to seek out the lowest prices on airfare, hotels and resorts. Along with finding the lowest possible prices on travel destinatons and resources, the company offers first hand advice on travel to many of the worlds best travel locales.

Johnny Jet: Company Background, is the brainchild of devoted traveler "Johnny Jet." considered to be one of the foremost voices in world travel. Johnny Jet has visited over 60 countried and books more than 150,000 travel miles anually. After graduating college in California, Johnny began taking small trips to common destinations. He started blogging and sharing his hints and tricks for the general public to use in the mid 1990's. In 1999, Johnny wanted to take his tips and tricks to a whole ne level so he launched In 2003, Johnny released a travel book that included several hundred pages of in depth first hand travel tips and details. Since then, Johnny has been a regular fixture on major news networks.

Johnny Jet: Customer Feedback & Reviews

Customer feedback is very positive for Some of the areas where they score the best is travel knowledge, and inside information. This is to be expected as it is by far the company's most touted resource. One area where the company falls short in their customer reviews is on the price, and destinations categories. Many of the reviews I found said that they had found lower prices on more destinations at more of the mainstream travel websites.

Johnny Jet: Business Credibility & Trustworthiness has an impecable record with the Better Business Bureau. The BBB uses extensive standards in determining their grades for businesses, and currently boasts an A+. According to the BBB, there have been no customer complaints within the last five years, and there are no cases pending. The company is also very well liked in the travel community, and has been a feature of many news reports on such networks as Fox News, CNN and the BBC. The end result has been a great deal of high profile endorsements.

Johnny Jet: Website Popularity & Google Ranking

This website has a current Google pagerank of six out of ten. Although this number is modest it has been increasing steadily over the last two years and is set to make rank with many of the more mainstream high profit travel sites. The company also boasts an average daily views number of 19,077, and generates a remarkable $47,000 anually in ads and media income. According to Alexa Website Ranking, the company website has an overall ranking of #57,663, and this is up nearly thirty points over the last two years. The company has grown in popularity extensively in the last thirteen years and continues to expand its presence. For a more in depth look at the company you can view facts and statistics at

Johnny Jet: Social Media Presence has an extensive and devoted following in several areas of the social networking business world. With over 1,500 likes on Facebook and over 2,000 followers on Twitter, sets a high standard. Their presence is increasing regularly and as this review was being written, approximately 500 people were talking about on Facebook. The company also has a high ad presence and a dedicated following of bloggers who regularly endorse the site and it's functions.

Johnny Jet: Website Security & Safety

The website has an open based search system where potential travelers can enter information about the perspective destinations, and the site will search a number of flight and hotel databases for the lowest price on travel combinations. This part of the site is open and completely unsecure, however no exchange of personal information is made at this part of the process. When a selection is made, and a customer wants to make a purchase, they are transferred to a secure e-commerce site where the customer can complete the purchase under high security standards. 

Johnny Jet: Pricing & Packages

As stated above rates fairly low in customer feedback concerning price, but this should not deter users. One reason to overlook this low rating, is understanding what you are getting with Often with the other major travel sites, a traveler is buying a trip blindly and can suffer great travel disapointments upon arrival. With, the consumer can be sure that they are getting the best, and most up to date information available on some of the worlds top travel destinations. 

Johnny Jet: Shipping Rates & Policies

No shipping available

Johnny Jet: Payment Methods Accepted

Payments to are made through a secure system with the use of major credit cards i.e. Visa, Mastercard, and American Express; or by the use of a bank or debit card with one of the corresponding logos on the face. The travel itself is booked and paid through, and the distributed by cost to the airline and hotel or resort. The company does not currently accept online payments through PayPal, nor do they offer any kind of "lay away" or payment program. The company does not accept e-checks or money wires or transfers.

Johnny Jet: Returns, Refunds & Exchange Policy

Though this company states that it will try to accomodate all travelers to the best of their abilities, the website is tied down by the warranty and return policies of the corresponding airlines and hotels associated with individual travel. Upon checkout, the purchaser will have the option of buying trip cancellation and interruption insurance. This insurance will cover 100% of the purchase price of the travel and is not effected by any reason for cancellation. The insurance is provided by a seperate insurance company and is not affiliated in any way with

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